Podcast: Cultivate the Soul

From the podcast: “Suzanne Koepplinger is the Director of the Catalyst Initiative at The Minneapolis Foundation.

Listen to hear how Suzanne she came to realize her purpose to help others by supporting their healing and growth. Through the work she is leading at the Catalyst Foundation, new pathways have been created to support culturally meaningful trauma healing practices.”

Article: Bush Foundation

Excerpt: “Suzanne Koepplinger, director of the Catalyst Initiative at the Minneapolis Foundation, straddles worlds. The world of philanthropy, with its paperwork, processes and tidy benchmarks, can feel like a separate world from the visceral, complex and raw challenges of real life. With the Catalyst Initiative, Koepplinger bridges the divide. And support from the Bush Foundation in recent years has amplified the initiative’s impact.”

Report: Stewarding Resources to Advance Healing report (2021)

From Collective Action Lab. Suzanne can also be found at the Collective Action Lab as an initiative consultant: Our People — Collective Action Lab

Article: MinnPost

Excerpt: “The coronavirus altered their plans. The group decided to produce a series of videos demonstrating the key tools that they teach. They called the series, which they posted on YouTube, “Finding the Pause.”

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